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our mission

Sabena Aerospace is a leading independent and international aviation solutions provider for civil and military operators. Our century of experience enabled us to develop an internationally recognized expertise and savoir-faire as well as a responsive internal capability. Our mission is to facilitate and optimize our clients’ business by offering highly qualitative, customized and efficient solutions.

Our vision

By 2025, Sabena Aerospace will be one of the most recognized independent aviation services provider in the EMEA countries for delivering unique and innovative solutions to both regular and complex needs. Sabena Aerospace is aiming at becoming a worldwide proximity partner, bringing its expertise wherever needed.

Our values


We distinguish ourselves by our flexibility toward our clients. Besides our standardized offering, we are also able to deliver unique and innovative solutions for our customers by listening carefully to their needs.


Services quality is in our DNA. We make sure to always maintain the best level of expertise within the company and to encourage our teams to develop self-initiated behavior in order to match perfectly with our clients’ needs.


Each company member, on both individual and collective level, has the responsibility to contribute to the overall objective of fulfilling the client expectations, by being timely, reliable and collaborative.


We always keep in mind the balance between results to be obtained and resources used.


Be a trusted partner for the client lies at the very core of all actions taken within Sabena Aerospace. We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.


On top of being highly-qualified, our people experience truly a passion for the world of aviation.