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Based on our strong experience and expertise in aviation, Sabena Aerospace can help review and improve your aircraft operations. The scope of our services and the team assigned depend on your need. Do not hesitate to contact us, should you wish to discuss – free of charge – with us how we could assist you to turn your concern into a solution.

Sabena Aerospace also offers assistance and consulting services to meet your needs for temporary support in situations, such as :

Assistance to aircraft phase-in / phase-out
  • Inspection, technical evaluation and acceptance of aircraft prior to phase-out and / or phase-in from an airline registration.
  • Assessment of maintenance / engineering works to be performed prior to phase-out and / or phase-in.
Assistance to aircraft recovery
  • Services of aircraft recovery in case of (major) incidents outside the aircraft homebase, ranking from local assistance for initial technical damages valuation or recovery work, up to management of the whole recovery action plan.
  • Assistance to aircraft lessors or owners to execute or monitor all maintenance operations needed upon aircraft recollection at end of lease or purchase from former user.
Assistance to operations
  • Assistance to aircraft delivery.
  • Airline quality audit.
  • Maintenance quality audit.
  • Fuel provider quality audit.
  • De-Icing Provider Quality Audit.
  • Quality manuals redaction.
  • Ferrying and testing.

Following your needs, we have also Partner for, Flight OPS, Ground Handling, ACMI, as well as any need of expertise you may have in Aviation Industries.

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