Sabena Aerospace is an authorized Lockheed Hercules service center since 1977 and is re-known for its C-130 expertise worldwide.

Thanks to a competitive and comprehensive offering, Sabena Aerospace has performed a lot of services for various military customers over the past years.

Beside the C-130 activities, Sabena Aerospace also supports the AWACS fleet of NATO for more than 25 years and repairs on various components for this fleet and other military aircraft, such as KC 135.

Services available for:

  • C-130
  • NH-90
  • Boeing/Airbus Military aircraft

If your part/aircraft is not in our capability lists, our engineering can develop its capability.

Key facts

  • Operational and technical assistance at customer’s location
  • Major structural repairs, modifi cations and upgrades
  • Wing and rainbow fi tting replacement
  • Aircraft replacement
  • MEDEVAC fl exible palletized solutions for fi xed wing aircraft & rotorcraft, containers solutions
  • Aircraft & rotorcraft painting