Thrust reversers, nose and fan cowl

For more than 45 years, Sabena Aerospace manages the repair of your engine nacelles. Our experience shows that preventive maintenance allows extending the life of such parts. We recommend having a maintenance program as from the 7th year.

Spare parts and ship sets are available for standard exchanges or loans.

Sabena Aerospace also manages the repair, overhaul and tests on your thrust reversers, nose and fan cowls.


We have a long experience on
numerous aircraft types, with a focus
on B737 & A320 family aircraft type
(CFM and V2500 engines) and Regional
aircraft, such as Bae/RJ. We can also
support you on any other type of
engine depending on your needs.

Key facts

  • Availability of ship sets
  • Full internal capability
  • Supported by dedicated engineering
  • Guaranteed Turnaround time
  • ISO 9001/EN9110